WonderWink Scrubs Elevating Your Professional Image in the Healthcare Industry

They say, “Life isn’t perfect but your scrubs can be!”

We agree to that. Hands down the best thing you can provide to the healthcare industry. People who are working tirelessly for the nation, and their people, to make them feel safe and healthy in any calamity—also have the right to look and feel their best on duty in their wonderwink scrubs.

Healthcare specialists are the most important people in our lives, without whom the human circle would have been impossible. From pregnancies to accidental surgeries, general OPD to beauty, and so on, we are like vehicles with no tires, unfunctional and useless. We need them to survive in this world and to deal with all the pandemics and epidemics we have gone through over the past decades. This world needs superheroes in any form. I think so.

Moving on to Fashionable Scrub and Why?

The medical industry has become quite trendy in quite a few years. The importance has skyrocketed in the life cycle and development of the society. Countries that have developed with time and are still growing towards more professionalism surpass the needs for healthcare facilities. Due to this, healthcare businesses lead to building their specialties and professionalism in the market.

Many hospitals prefer to have scrub uniforms for their healthcare professionals. The wonder wink scrubs uniforms create an identity for healthcare professionals and portray a friendly, professional, and equality-driven appearance.

Besides the environment, healthcare scrubs’ designs depend on the field functionality and benefits for the healthcare professional. There are not just several benefits aligned to the scrubs, but also some fashion functionality added.

Today’s article will give you a great perspective on how wonder wink scrubs can make a healthcare professional look and feel good, moreover, how these scrubs are essential in the medical business.

Short History about Scrubs—Keep Reading!

Healthcare scrubs date back to the mid-20th century as medical care professionals recognized the ideology and importance of hygiene and cleanliness in the healthcare industry. Erstwhile, regular clothing was used, such as white coats and dresses, for the healthcare industry. These could have been more practical and safer and didn’t represent branding as well. With the rise in pandemics and hazardous infections, it was evident that there was a dire need for something proficient and protective to improve hygiene in the medical industry.

Moving forward, in the 1940s, Dr. James T. Cassidy introduced a surgical gown that he made using green fabric. The basic idea of this gown was to be durable and wrinkle-free so that it could be reused quickly and sterilized when required to manage sterility.

The green color was chosen as green is referred to as a soothing-to-eye color and calming, especially for long surgeries in the medical business. These gowns were later termed ‘scrubs’ and gained popularity amongst healthcare professionals widely in the United States.

We Have Reached the Mid-90s Now!

During the 1950s and 1960s, medical scrubs were considered a substitute for hygiene and practical concerns of healthcare professionals. These scrubs were made from cotton or cotton-polyester fabric blends for more regular clothing for medical services. The idea was sustainability to reuse and wash them. Moreover, comfort was another factor to be considered in these scrubs. So, a loose-fitting design was provided to give complete freedom, comfort, and movement to healthcare professionals who have extended hours of calls in hospitals and clinics.

They are always running on their feet; they do need this liberty. Right?

What Happened by the Ending of the 90s?

Scrubs became a standard uniform by the 1970s for healthcare professionals. The usage and benefits of scrubs were also spread to other parts of the world. Though, the design and styles of the scrubs continued to evolve with time. That’s refreshing, though.

For example, In the 1980s, wonderwink scrub pants like jogging pants and other sportswear like wondering scrub tops were quite popular, which led to ‘athletic scrubs’. They were lightweight and breathable, with moisture-wicking technology for medical professionals.

Scrubs Today

Today, wonderwink women’s scrubs and wonderwink men’s scrubs are available in various designs and styles. They are also customized according to the company’s professional preferences to enhance the organization’s branding. From bright-colored wonder wink scrubs to quirky, formal, and businesslike designs, every healthcare facilitation has customized their scrubs according to their ideology. However, the essential but important factors have remained constant throughout the years for these healthcare uniforms. No compromise over comfort, hygiene, and practicality can be for decades. The importance and essential roles of the wonder wink scrubs uniforms in the healthcare industry have always continued to thrive, serving the best for our superheroes. C’mon, they deserve it.

Trends of Scrubs Uniforms

By now, you do know the importance of scrubs in the medical industry. Here are a few top trends in designs for scrub uniforms that people love to explore.

Athletic Scrubs

These are modern and sporty-looking scrubs that are known for comfort and functionality. Athletic scrubs are made from a high-quality material that consists of stretch, breathability, moisture-wicking technology, and durability. The cuts of these scrubs consist of tapered legs, zippered pockets, and performance fabrics, totally defining the name of the scrubs. These scrubs are made to keep up with the demands of healthcare professionals in the medical industry without a hassle.

Antimicrobial Scrubs

Antimicrobial scrubs are the most important uniforms in trend from the healthcare industry as they provide an extra layer of protection for the workers. The fabrics used are infused with antimicrobial properties to help diminish the growth of bacteria and viruses. These scrubs are introduced to foster a clean and safe work environment. These are perfect for high-risk environments like research labs and immunocompromised patients.

Customized Scrubs

We love customizations in every aspect. If you are an avid reader of what we write, by now, you will get what we are implying here. Anyway, custom-made scrubs are also becoming popular in this medical profession. These scrubs are mainly designed for branding the healthcare company and to meet the specific needs of the individual of the team to portray exclusiveness. It brings with it many options, including screen-printing and embroidery and different colors and patterns.

Wonderwink scrubs have come a long way from traditional and basic designs. The contemporary world needs more hence we have trendy and stylish options available in the market for healthcare businesses. It caters to help and portray different work roles, people, and personalities through the wide range of styles available in the market.

If you are a healthcare professional, you must be enjoying your work with your contemporary scrubs. Right?

Scrubs Styles & Ideas

There are a few styles and ideas of scrubs, and some are essential for wondering about women’s scrubs.

Maternity Scrubs

As the name says, these scrubs are designed to provide comfort and support for pregnant healthcare professionals. They have a stretchy waistband, extra seam allowances from hips and thighs for free movement, and a comfortable loose-fitting top. They have a wide range of colors and styles for mothers to choose from and enjoy their pregnancy period.

Cargo Scrubs

Medical professionals who carry a lot of equipment on the go at their workplace needs these scrubs in their life. They consist of many pockets in wonderwink scrub pants and wonderwink scrub tops, which gives them room to store items like pens, phones, medical tools, etc. Cargo scrubs are made from durable and wrinkle-resistant fabrics and also come in a wide range of colors.

Basic Scrubs

This is the most common type of wondwink men’s scrubs and women’s as well. They are solid-colored with a V-neck and pairs up with drawstring pant. Basic scrubs are practical, functional, comfortable, and, most importantly, easy to care for. There is a variety of colors to minimize the basic-looking scrub and make it more interesting and refreshing through different colors. These scrubs are best for customization, such as screen-printing and embroidered logos ad personalized text.

Dress Scrubs

The dress scrubs are more of a formal uniform for medical professionals. They are designed for proficient meetings. The cuts and designs are on the dressier side, consisting of a top and dress pants looking pant to fulfill the idea of the dress. They are made from high-quality fabrics like silk and linen, consisting of a wide range of colors.

WonderWink Scrubs Elevating Your Professional Image- Here’s How!

When a company decides to do branding, what would be the most basic step you think it will take? Well, it depends. In the healthcare industry, the organization will introduce new uniforms to its professionals. They will opt for options to make it more relatable and customized. Hence portraying the personal preferences of each individual but unvaryingly. To keep things consistent, the healthcare company will use its business name, logo, slogans, and other trademarks as a customized option on its scrubs through screen-printing or embroidery. Even an individual’s name and position might as well be added for a more personal touch. This helps build a connection with their audiences, especially patients.

Pro Tip- when you are using customized options, keep it simple and clean. This will get easy to read, identify, understand, and remember. That’s what we want, right?


Simply put, don’t forget that you choose the right fabric for uniforms, make it durable and comfortable throughout, and also customize your wonder wink scrubs at its best-looking logo. For branding and marketing your company, it is essential to leave a strong, professional, and lasting image in the industry amongst your competitors. So, choose wisely, and we rest assured you will look amazing in your wonder wink scrubs.

Good luck and ciao!

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May 4, 2024

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