The Apparel Factory’s Comprehensive Guide

This guide provides you with all the necessary information about how to market and promote your clothing brand. Browse our guidelines on a range of helpful topics such as how to purchase clothing, customization tips, measuring instructions, size charts, and the conversion of international size charts. You can also refer to our glossary of words that might be useful while buying clothing or promotional items.

Sizing Chart & Measurement Guidelines

How to Measure

To make sure that you find the perfect fit at The Apparel Factory, we have created an extensive guide along with visual illustrations to assist you in measuring each item precisely.

International Size Chart Conversion

Use our conversion chart to find your appropriate size. You can convert between US and other country sizes, guaranteeing a proper fit for your imported clothing.

Brand Size Chart

This sizing chart provides precise measurements aligned with the standards that most clothing brands use. Shop across various brands confidently, ensuring a perfect fit.

Guidelines for Sports Team Logos

Each sport requires a unique attire with individual sports teams featuring distinctive color schemes, embellishments, logos, and specific placements of numbers. These differences are based upon regional groups and leagues, including the NBA, NFHS, NCAA, and many others. Teams affiliated with these associations must adhere to specific rules and regulations.

AnB Tax Holidays

We are pleased to provide the detailed information on Sales Tax Holidays, designed as a government initiative to incentivize individuals and businesses to either spend or save money by reducing the imposed tax amount.

Optimizing Sales with Trending Products

This section will assist you in selecting apparel and other items based on current market trends- considering various factors like different seasons, special occasions, holidays, and more. It serves as a valuable resource for buyers, offering insights to make informed decisions about what to stock and what to omit. The provided tips inform you about the items that are in demand and those that are not across different times, enabling you to streamline your purchases strategically and maximize your profits.

How to Buy Retail & Promotional Apparel

Apparel Buying Tips

These tips come in handy while choosing the ideal apparel, utilizing the size guide and determining the quantity of articles needed to maximize profits.

Apparel Customizing Tips

Get a comprehensive guideline on what customization services you need accompanied by pointers that develop a better understanding of the design and manufacturing processes of apparel.

Brand Safety Assurance

We choose the finest products for our customers. All our products adhere to CPSIA compliance, meeting relevant safety standards.

Choose the Right Team Color

This segment provides a revised and comprehensive overview of sports team uniforms across major leagues and collegiate teams in the United States. You can access various color codes for home, away, and alternate team uniforms, team logos, mascots, and additional designs. It will help you in purchasing sports uniforms for your team, ensuring accurate color choices every time. Acquiring the right uniform contributes to a cohesive and organized team appearance, enhancing confidence and morale. The perfectly designed uniforms ensure strong and consistent overall team performance.

Fun Facts About Apparel

Did you know that the average individual spends approximately $1,700 annually for clothing and shoes? Explore our engaging fun facts that we have compiled in this section.

  • Discover everything about clothing and fashion from The Apparel Factory. 
  • Gain insightful knowledge paired with the latest trends. 
  • When it becomes difficult to find the perfect apparel, we are here to assist you.

Glossary of Terms

The glossary compiles a wide range of apparel and customization-related terms and phrases, and their meanings that build a better understanding of the articles and their features.

PayPal Express Checkout

The Apparel Factory provides the PayPal Express Checkout service, a swift and secure method that enables users to make credit card payments seamlessly, even without requiring a PayPal account.

UPS Delivery Surcharge

This section tells you about the extra delivery charge you might have to pay for getting your parcel delivered in extended or remote areas. The cost is calculated using UPS API.

Delivery Surcharge for UPS

You may incur additional charges for parcels delivered to far-flung or remote areas.

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