Top 7 Memorial Day Outfit Ideas for 2024

Memorial Day… It’s that time of the year again where we come together to celebrate and remember the martyrs. People show their relation with this day through different means. Some visit concerts while some listen and sing to patriotic songs. There are some who make DIY décor in red, white and blue color while some show their fashion sense. Everyone has their form of expression and they use it.

In this blog today, we will be focusing on styling tips to dress up for Memorial Day and its weekend. So, after all the necessary rituals that day you know how do you have to spend your weekend. Since, its summer so we make sure to provide you with the best of the styling tips and you don’t feel hot in this scorching May. Sun needs to slow down a bit, we feel you our dearest readers!

Pro Tip in Our Style

You know we are always ready to give a pro-tip to you so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Add Polo shirts, Pants, Hats, flowy outfits and some accessories to enhance your fashion game on Memorial Day. You have to wake up, makeup, style and smile the whole day.

Be light on fabrics when you are choosing any outfit for yourself this Memorial Day. The colors are already soothing and balanced when put together or even separately. Make sure to look easy breezy with your hair and makeup, nothing too gaudy neither too less. Choose comfortable footwear for yourself that compliments your entire look. The accessories that you love wearing should be worn minimally.

If you are a fashionista and your work revolves around fashion influencing, then even flaunt your fashion style with grace. If your looks are red carpet looks, make it as light and soothing as possible. Your bold choices are appreciated on the events you are invited to, but don’t go overboard and misuse the platform.

Remember it’s Memorial Day not a fashion show—look elegant and chic!

Look Number 1—Basics Are Your BFF!

If you are attending a daytime event of Memorial Day, suppose a brunch at one of the martyr’s homes. You should look simple and classy. So, pick a blue mini skirt, something near to royal blue or navy blue. Pair it up with a white linen top— choose feminine cut for the top. Wear your white converse, a blue cross body bag and voila!

Keep your hair open with beachy waves and put a hairband of blue color to completely balance the look. Also, opt for a no makeup look. No bright hues on face.

Look Number 2—Go Caftan with Prints!

We present you our look number two in prints this time. Caftans are super flowy, easy on all body types and is super chic! Choose a print that is near to the flag of USA. Or, you can even get a red and white floral printed caftan for yourself. You can use some loose curls for this look along with brown nude smokey eye makeup while keeping the lips subtle. Use some white mules and you are good to go.

You can use this look for sundowner event in the remembrance of the martyrs that you are invited at on the Memorial Day.

Look Number 3— Peek-a-Blue

Heading out for a dinner? Wear a solid blue dress. A one shoulder, ruffled dress that brings some value to the simple dress and doesn’t make you look boring. Add statement but small earrings and a watch to accessorize the overall look. Use little pump heels to elevate your dress.

This look is a perfect summer statement look we made for you to enjoy your festivities of the Memorial Day in style.

Look Number 4—Put Pants Please

Memorial Day is one of the Patriotic days in USA that is celebrated throughout the country with utmost love and grace. You can express your patriotism through your fashion sense as well. How about you put on PLC2 cargo pants of red color and pair it up with a white button shirt. Use some nice heels and a red colored Port Authority BG410 bag in white. Go for a sleek middle portioned hair bun. Add small gold statement Cuban hoop earrings and sleekest rings. Keep the makeup look as clean as possible for that girl boss vibe.

Are you already heading towards a concert? Please go and enjoy!

Look Number 5— Show That Bow

Is it a high-tea happening at golf club on Memorial Day and you want to look simply but stick to the theme as well? That’s not even a problem. We have got you covered.

Pair a white Port Authority Polo L500 with a beige jean. Wear your brown ankle length boots and carry bag in shades of brown to keep the look earthy. Show that bow headband in a red, white or blue mixed print and leave you hair naturally opened. A nude makeup look is best except that you put a nice red pout but keep it natural looking.

Look Number 6— What About a Patriotic Denim?

The classic and stylish of all outfits—denim jacket with white t-shirt or button-down shirt. Get yourself a light blue printed denim jacket, an oversized shirt would look good as well. Either wear denim skirt or shorts, that’s totally your choice, both will look stunning. Pair the overall look with black long boots, small textured purse and beachy waves. Put less makeup and lots of natural lip gloss. Definitely a head turner!

You can use this look for some parade happening, or also when you are visiting White House.

Look Number 7— Little Black Dress but With a Twist

Make your little black dress your base and complete the look by adding an oversized red shrug. You can add solid as well as a graphic printed red shrug. To elevate your look, wear a port authority c921 brim hat in black color and also wear black chunky boots. A black small backpack and kohled eyes—perfect for the day-to-night Memorial Day looks.

You can go to a concert, a lunch and even to any sports event happening on the Memorial Day in this look. Versatility? We love it!

Men Serving Some Looks

Fashion is loved by men as well. Let’s explore some options for men as well on this Memorial Day. For men, we will be discussing styling with pants, polos and headwear.

Wear Port Authority Polo K100 in red, blue or white and pair up with your favorite pair of jeans. To make this look more comfortable, add Richardson 112fp cap and complete the look with you favorite pair of shoes.

Another look for men is by pairing Jerzees 21m T-shirt in white with blue Sport-Tek PST74 Pant and complete the look with joggers. You can add some hand candies for a more casual and relaxed look.

Both of the looks are perfect from day to night events on Memorial Day. Whether you are heading out to attend a concert, visiting White House or a martyr’s home. These looks have got you covered.

Men Looks Version 2.0

Some quick tips for men—use graphic t-shirts that are printed in the red, white and blue color. You can even wear the national flag’s t-shirts that are evergreen to use. Moreover, make use of white to keep the overall look subtle and clean. White is a sign of peace and harmony and since we are styling you Memorial Day events and weekend, then white is a great fit.

Keep the look tidy, your hair should be nicely styled and gelled in at one place—say no to messy hair look. However, if you are attending any parade or other day event then you can keep your hair natural. In that case, the hairstyle should be nicely done.

Memorial Day Outfit Ideas – FAQs

What Should You Wear on Memorial Day?

On Memorial Day, wear patriotic colors like red, white, and blue. Opt for casual and comfortable attire, such as shorts and t-shirts, suitable for outdoor activities.

How Do You Wear White Before Memorial Day?

Wear white confidently before Memorial Day by layering with other colors or incorporating white accessories. Pair white pieces with neutrals for a balanced look.

What Are the Colors for Memorial Day?

Memorial Day colors are red, white, and blue, reflecting the American flag. These colors symbolize valor, purity, and justice, respectively.


Memorial Day is one of the days to be remembered and celebrated with pride and grace. The martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for us to live happily and safely deserve all the respect from generations and generations to come. The celebrations are not only confided in grief memorials but also to pay them tribute by celebrating what they did for us.

We must cherish and celebrate our heroes. So, make your Memorial Day the best you can. Look your best, make everything look good and be proud of the Memorial Day. Meet the martyr’s family and console them with happiness. Bring joy to their lives. And let them know from every possible way that you remember their martyrdom.

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June 5, 2024

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